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  • HELLA High Performance Xenon Blue Halogen Bulbs have a special blue coating that provides a crisp white beam pattern and Xenon-look for your vehicle's headlamps or fog lamps
  • The HELLA HPXB bulb's bright white Xenon-look output is closer in the spectrum to daylight than a normal halogen bulb which helps a driver's night vision while reducing eye fatigue and increasing safety
  • HB2 9003 12V 60/55W
  • Set includes one pair of HELLA High Performance Xenon Blue Halogen Bulbs
  • One Year Limited Warranty on standard wattage bulbs only

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Hella's High Performance Xenon Blue bulbs are the new market standard. Produced under Hella's stringent testing requirements, our bulbs beat all others on the market. Correct filament alignment assures maximum light output. The blue glass provides the crisp white beam pattern consumers today demand. Hella's Performance Xenon Blue bulb range features on-road, DOT-compliant bulbs in all popular base types, as well as higher-wattage off-road-use bulbs. When you want to see better, go Xenon Blue with Hella. All Hella bulbs undergo painstaking tests. The engineers in Hella's Quality Assurance department have specified a clear requirement profile for every bulb type. Headlight bulbs, for example, are scrutinized by our engineers for their light distribution properties, using state-of-the-art light measuring equipment. Paint adhesion tests in accordance with FAKRA guidelines (German Association of Automotive Experts), vibration and shock tests in line with IEC requirements, geometry measurements, light flux and power measurements as well as service life tests guarantee that you receive perfect quality. These and further tests are carried out by Hella's quality assurance engineers. All Hella quality bulbs fulfill this performance spectrum.

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